Log Cabins in Barnsley


Here at Aardvark joinery we pride ourselves on our vast range of log cabins in varied wood thickness’s and single or double glazed. We started with a few buildings and the popularity grew from there, we have a wide variety of sizes and shapes that will fit most gardens. The love for wooden garden buildings has taken off in recent years with people using them has home offices, summer rooms and even as extensions to there own homes as extra rooms, we have kitted cabins out just like the one above in insulation, electrics and plaster making way for the customers imaginations to take them wherever they please.



We have sold log cabins in Barnsley now for around 18 months prior to that we were based in Pontefract west Yorkshire, we moved to the Wakefield road show site in Barnsley to allow us to be able to showcase some of our most popular models on display for the general public to be able to view and visualise just exactly what it is they were wanting. We have found that providing the visual stimulation of the buildings allows for a better buying experience and gives the customer a greater appreciation for what it is they are buying. moving forward we will be looking to erect more buildings which will be ideally kitted out as shown above and in a variety of other motif’s giving people ideas of designs they may want for themselves.


As well as private buildings for single use we have also moved into residential buildings allowing for a full living space, rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom areas, with 44mm interlocking wood all round and T&G (tongue and groove) flooring and roof these buildings are a beautiful living space with a very attractive exterior and would set you back a lot less than a house with a much more appealing look. If you have the space even putting one on your property and allowing children who are ready to move on to be able to live in there own space before entering the property ladder, providing them with the experience of living on there own.

With all our buildings the only restriction is the imagination of the customer we have seen over the years people who have bought our buildings use them for a multitude of uses, home gyms, offices, spare rooms, hot tub and sauna rooms and more. Check out our website and maybe you could be enjoying one of these yourself in no time, visit www.aardvarkjoinery.co.uk

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shepherds huts by Aardvark Joinery

         4.8m shepherds hut with wheels

We have many products here at Aardvark joinery, few more popular than our range of shepherd huts. The hut idea was first started by a customer wanting a custom build summer hut in kit form that could be installed quickly and easily. We put the plans together and have never looked back, these have quickly become a brilliant multi purpose building for many of our customers. We have had people use them for personal summer rooms, guest rooms, offices and even used on commercial camp sites. We now sell multiple ranges of summer houses, we do the shepherds huts in 3.6m and 4.8m units and we can also provide wheels and chassis for that rustic and authentic look.

Due to the versatility and rustic feel, these Shepherds huts will look at home in a multitude of backdrops. Add one to your garden to enjoy the English summer in all its glory and not be hindered by fluctuating weather fronts rain or shine these can be enjoyed by all, or enjoy multiple buildings together as a mini Glamping area or business venture. whatever your use we are sure you will not regret this as a purchase. Our dedicated team of fitters can have one of these installed and ready to use in 5 hours and can be installed with insulation so the only thing you need is furniture and electrics if desired.

Check out our full range of shepherds huts @ www.Aardvarkjoinery.co.uk

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Glamping Pods

Camping pods from Aardvark joinery

Here at Aardvark Joinery we notice a surge in the popularity of Glamping Pods.
Glamping has become a quirky alternative to just basic camping, with “glampers” often seeking extra comfort and protection from the elements. It is, quintessentially, camping indoors with a little extra style. When glamping in pods there are no tents to pitch, no fires to build and very little effort to exert allowing you more time to enjoy the break you so rightly deserve. Never ones to miss an opportunity, our joiners set about creating some custom designed Glamping Pods ready to take on the glamping community in 2014, and have rapidly developed and become a big part ever since. With conditions for campers being improved, we at Aardvark thought it would be great also advertise our pods to private and public fishing lakes to make fishermen more comfortable. Pods are ideal for the fishermen that like to get an early start and a good nights sleep, simply drive to the lake the night before, spend the night in one of our pods and be the first on the lake with your rod the following morning. This early advantage could maximise the number of catches making you the envy of the lake. It also serves as a great place to store your fish and your equipment and as a place to retreat and wait if the weather should turn.


In addition to providing pods to campsites and fishing lakes, we also realised that glamping pods could actually become popular additions to many homes and gardens. People often complain about not having enough space in their homes to achieve their full potential. Whether it’s requiring the extra space for business or pleasure, we soon realised pods are a great way to maximise garden space that otherwise may not be able to be used. Our most common uses for garden pods are usually as home offices. They are an excellent way to create a private and peaceful working environment, on home turf but away from the privacy and peace of home life. One can close the door after a hectic working day and take the very short commute to the inviting living room and work does not follow you. The next most popular use for the pods is as a teenage den, providing parents with the peace of mind that their teenagers are spending time in a safe environment, whilst teenagers feel they have been given more freedom by not having their parents watching over their every move and with our options to insulate and treat our pods everyone can be assured of comfort as well as style.


In addition to being a pod, why not turn one into a sauna, yes a sauna pod…. We even have one on display at our Barnsley, South Yorkshire show site.

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