Log Cabins

Our most recent expansion allows us to bring to you Log Cabins

Log cabins from Aardvark come with the following as standard;
28mm - 70mm Interlocking logs
Double glazed windows and doors
Tongue and groove roof and floor
Full fitting kit and step by step instructions 
Cylinder door lock 

With the wide variety we have designed, there is a build perfect to satisfy almost all needs and purposes. However, if you find that you would perhaps prefer your log cabin with an extra window or maybe your heart is set on a specific design, but the size isnt right, we are more than happy to customise a log cabin to your request. Working closely with our own factory and a line of 3rd party companies we can supply a building to suit all you needs.
Our Log Cabins
Allora log cabin from Aardvark joinery
Allora 5.1m X 3.9m (44mm)
Allora Q 44mm cabin delivered and installed locally Barnsley
Allora Q
Allora Q 3.9m X 3.0m (44mm)
Appin delivered and installed garden rooms Aardvark joinery
Appin 3.0m X 2.5m (44mm)
Appin mini from Aardvark joinery
Appin Mini 2.5m x 2.0m (44mm)
Appin Mini 2.5m X 2.0m
Brisbane log cabin delivered and assembled by Aardvark joinery
Brisbane 5.2m x 3.4m (44mm)
Brisbane 5.2m X 3.4m
Brisbane 3 with puppy in entrance
Brisbane 3 4.0m x 3.1m (44mm)
Brisbane 3 4.0m X 3.1m (44mm)
Brisbane mini smaller cabins bigger value
Brisbane Mini 3.3m x 2.4m (44mm)
Brisbane Mini
Broome with 40mm interlocking cladding
Broome 3.5m x 3.0m (40mm)
Broome 3.5m X 3.0m (44mm)
Byron Cabin combi summer room and storage double glazed windows
Byron 4.5m x 3.0m (44mm)
Byron 4.5m X 3.0m (44mm)
Canberra summer room double glazed units
Canberra 5.2m x 4.0m (44mm)
Canberra 5.2m X 4.0m (44mm)
cifton log cabin popular building from Aardvark Joinery
Clifton 5.3m x 3.8m (44mm)
Clifton 5.3m X 3.8m (44mm)
Log cabins from Aardvarkjoinery Delivery nation wide
Derby 34 - 3.9m x 2.5m (34mm)
Derby 34 3.9m X 2.5m (34mm)
Franklin log cabin, delivered nation wide
Franklin 3.9m x 2.4m (44mm)
Franklin 3.9m X 2.4m (44mm)
Franklin T images of building 44mm cladding from Aardvark joinery
Franklin T 4.85m x 3.0m (44mm)
Franklin T 4.85m X 3.0m (44mm)
Grafton combi summer room and storage
Grafton 4.5m x 3.0m (44mm)
Grafton 4.5m X 3.0m (44mm)
Harrington 44mm garden room with felt shingle roof extra
Harrington 4.0m x 3.0m (44mm)
Harrington 4.0m X 3.0m (44mm)
Katherine Log cabin sliding doors and storage rooms
Katherine 6.1m x 3.9m (44mm)
Katherine 6.1m X 3.9m (44mm)
Longford 44mm summer room cabin double glazing
Longford 4.8m x 2.8m (44mm)
Longford 4.8m X 2.8m (44mm)
Marlo small compact hexagonal summer room
Marlo 3.0m x 2.5m (44mm)
Marlo 3.0m X 2.5m (44mm)
Melbourne sorner cabin in garder setting perfect summer room
Melbourne 2.4m x 2.4m (44mm)
Melbourne 2.4m X 2.4m (44mm)
Nelson log cabin garden background blue skys georgian windows
Nelson 3.8m x 2.8m (44mm)
Nelson 3.8m X 2.8m (44mm)
Nelson 54 log cabin next to lake
Nelson 54 - 4.8m x 3.8m (44mm)
Nelson 54 4.8m X 3.8m (44mm)
Perth 4.8m x 3.6m (44mm)
Perth 4.8m X 3.6m (44mm)
Queensland log cabin 44mm woodland background
Queensland 5.2m x 3.7m (44MM)
Queensland 5.2m X 3.7m