Shepherds hut Traditional 4.8M X 2.4M (19mm) (With Wheel Set)
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Shepherds hut Traditional 4.8M X 2.4M (19mm) (With Wheel Set)
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Introducing our most popular building to date the Traditional style shepherds hut with wheel set. the building gives a traditional Shepherds hut image with beautiful long windows and smaller side window letting in tones of natural light, the windows also give this building a surprising feeling of space within making it perfect for, home offices, Drawing rooms, Reading rooms or just sitting back and watching the outside world go by. If you are wanting further light you can add another smaller side window to the opposite side for an extra cost. The Slow Grown Nordic spruce 19mm cladding with double glazed windows and doors make this a surprisingly warm building for its size as wood is a natural insulator the building will hold heat generated internally or externally extremely well. If you are wanting further heat retention for all year round use why not check out our insulation option, the insulation is a lightweight single Airtech bubble insulation and is brilliant at holding heat in and keeping heat out not only this we will then provide cladding for the walls and roof to add a second skin to the building giving you even more insulative protection.

Our buildings come with tongue and groove walls, floor and roof, while this can help delay water ingress it cannot stop it 100% on its own. The building will need to be sealed with a HIGH quality water repellent on all parts of the external structure in the grooves edgings everywhere. Regarding the windows you will need to either add a thick layer of protection around the whole window or for added protection add silicone sealant around the unit this will help delay water ingress. Please read our full terms and conditions prior to purchase as it states we cannot cover against water ingress under extreme weather conditions such as government warned storms, hurricanes and other acts of god. Wood is a natural product and will try to absorb moisture so anything you can do to help prevent this after assembly will help as there is only so much we can do at manufacture stage. Regular treatment of the wood is a must to prevent this is even the highest grade treatments will wear off over time. Regarding roofing material this can only protect so much just as with sheds and other garden buildings Felt and felt shingles may not withstand EXTREME weather conditions so may need replacing over time unfortunately we do not cover under ADVERSE weather conditions as described above so any damage done under government warned storms, Extreme winds, hurricanes etc will NOT be covered by Aardvark joinery as the guarantee only covers the building construction and manufacture and only covers faults due to a manufacturing fault and or assembly fault IF performed by our assembly team. Wood is a natural product and will react to changes in temperature, when using heaters in buildings this will cause boards to expand and contract. Therefore over time within the roof especially this will cause the roof felt to stretch and in some circumstances can incur small leaks if this happens you will need to check for loose nails and clear silicon applied.



 Building Specification Shepherds Hut

  • Cladding ---------- 19mm Thick Logs
  • Roof Cladding --- 18mm Thick Logs
  • Floor Cladding --- 18mm Thick Logs
  • Quality slow grown Nordic spruce
  • Cylinder lock and keys
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Tilt and turn opening small double-glazed unit (available on either side of the building)
  • Wheel and chassis set
  • Choice of roof coverings (Felt or Felt Shingles) buildings come without roof covering as standard
  • Full Instructions and assembly pack nothing more will need to be purchased to assemble
  • Building will come UNPAINTED
  • Fully pressure treated Floor Frame
  • Cladding and internal frame will be UNTREATED
  • Quality wheels and chassis
  • 5mm Steel with 10mm Spokes
  • Wheel diameter 630mm
  • Height of wheel set 800mm
  • Adjustable legs to level
  • Welded connections
  • Black powder coating on wheels
  • Easy assembly system
  • Wheels move so can be moved short distances forwards or backwards on level ground
  • Wheels DO NOT turn side to side
  • Building Size 4.8M X 2.4M
  • Wall height 1900mm
  • Ridge height without wheels 2400mm
  • Ridge height with wheels 3200mm
  • 44mm Framework throughout
  • 19mm Cladding on walls
  • 18mm Cladding Floor
  • 18mm Cladding Roof
  • Roof arches 44mm X 60mm
  • Floor joists 44mm X 120mm
  • Double Doors 1200mm X 1850mm
  • 2 Fixed long windows 1620mm X 600mm
  • 1 Opening Window 700mm X 800mm


Deliveries Will be undertaken by a lorry with a crane for drop off, deliveries will be curb side or as close to property as possible. For reference the vehicle will be around the size of a dustbin wagon so please contact us if you will not be able to accomodate a delivery for a vehicle of this size 

Standard size available however if you are wanting something more customised please feel free to contact us and we will help were possible. You can visit our show site at Wakefield Road, Barnsley, S71 1PA 6 Days a Week.


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