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Bespoke Solid Oak Furniture
Bespoke Handcrafted Solid Oak Furniture, All our Oak products are handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards, everything from a tealight holder or floating oak shelving right upto a bespoke sideboard.

Bespoke BBQ Huts 
Bespoke grillkota's found at great prices, these are luxury huts from our sister company.

The Rainbow Egg Company Ltd
Hybrid hens at PoL, fully vaccinated - warrens, black rocks, speckledys, white stars, bluebelles, light Sussex types. Others are occasionally available, such as our coloured layers or purebreeds. Please enquire as it is subject to season and availability.

We also supply chicken, duck, turkey, peafowl, guinea fowl and goose hatching eggs, including our well known rainbow hatching eggs. You can choose from up to 28 different chicken egg colours and shades subject to availability. Pure breed hatching eggs are also available from the following : Marans, Welsummer, Leghorn, Cream legbar, Araucana, Silkie, Barred rock, Rhode Island Red plus others.

We can supply meat birds too including Ross cobbs, Norfolk turkeys, duck and geese,

We also supply wood pellets for multifuel burners / biomass boilers which also doubles up as cat litter, horse & poultry bedding for enclosed runs. Local delivery up to 1 tonne at a time is available.

We can supply heavy duty Rentokil rodent snap traps from as little as £3 per trap.
Hatching eggs and traps can be posted anywhere in the Uk.
Poultry related:

Facebook: The Rainbow Egg Company
Twitter: @EmmaRainbowEgg

Holiday Cottage & Shooting Range Bookings

Or find us on a TripAdvisor under accommodation in Haworth (search for Stones Cottage Farm).

Camping & shooting range bookings: (search for Stones Cottage Farm).

Please also note that we are directly on the Tour De France route this year! We are running a campsite via the Sue Ryder website of which 50% of our proceeds go towards this charity. Search for And click on 'Stones cottage farm' tab to book.

Kinsley Timber Supplies Ltd
Kinsley Timber are a family run timber merchant who have been committed to providing top quality timber and services since our establishment in 1946. We pride ourselves on keeping to our traditionalist values, ensuring we provide the perfect timber solutions for your specific needs at the right prices to suit your budget.

Jack in a Box Registered Childminders
Lynne Hartley and Carla Hollis, Ofsted Registered Childminders since 2004, both are Registered Childminders, with OFSTED and are both members of the PACEY (formerly known as NCMA). they choose to work together to provide a better service to both the parents and children alike.

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