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We are pleased to introduce our partnership with Mercia garden products, Mercia provide a wide range of designs in multiple wood thicknesses from 19mm - 44mm and also provide options on most products of single or double glazed units. These cabins ARE NOT produced by aardvark joinery and will be delivered direct from Mercia's factory. We have brought Mercia on board to provide a budget range of products to customers who want log cabins without the hefty price tag. With the varying wood thicknesses and window and door options you can have the design you like at a price you are happy with. All Mercia cabins are mass produced which allows us to sell a budget product at a competitive price. 

As with Mercias other home office options this building comes with all those benefits and more, the larger floor area means that there is more room to design the interior how you wish and fit more in. Adding double glazing to any of the buildings where the option is available will reduce noise and increase heat retention through the building. The Home office elite has excellent light and space properties with have glazed windows and doors and will make anyone who purchases this fantastic building very happy.

ü  Fully pressure treated Foundations (Frame only)
ü  Single and Double glazed safety glass Options
ü   28mm, 34mm and 44mm Thick interlocking Cladding options
ü  16mm Tongue and Groove Floor
ü  16mm Tongue and Groove Roof
ü  Quality Ethically sourced Baltic pine
ü  Cylinder lock and keys
ü  Felt and Felt shingle roof
ü  Building size excluding roof overhang = 4.0M X 3.0M
ü  Imperial size = 13' X 9'
ü  People required to build = 2
ü  Anti rot guarantee = 10 years
ü  Cladding = Interlocking
ü  Roof style = Apex
ü  Door Style = Double door half board
ü  Building type = Home office
ü  Eaves height = 2.21M (7'3")
ü  Ridge height = 2.60M (8'6")
ü  Door width = 1570MM (5'1")
ü  Door height = 2000MM (6'6")
ü  Internal width = 3.75M (12'3")
ü  Internal depth = 2.74M (9'0")
ü  Base size required for this building = 4.2M X 3.2M

Our buildings come with tongue and groove walls, floor and roof, while this can help delay water ingress it cannot stop it 100% on its own. The building will need to be sealed with a HIGH quality water repellent on all parts of the external structure in the grooves edgings everywhere. Regarding the windows you will need to either add a thick layer of protection around the whole window or for added protection add silicone sealant around the unit this will help delay water ingress. Please read our full terms and conditions prior to purchase as it states we cannot cover against water ingress under extreme weather conditions such as government warned storms, hurricanes and other acts of god. Wood is a natural product and will try to absorb moisture so anything you can do to help prevent this after assembly will help as there is only so much we can do at manufacture stage. Regular treatment of the wood is a must to prevent this is even the highest grade treatments will wear off over time. Regarding roofing material this can only protect so much just as with sheds and other garden buildings Felt and felt shingles may not withstand EXTREME weather conditions so may need replacing over time unfortunately we do not cover under ADVERSE weather conditions as described above so any damage done under government warned storms, Extreme winds, hurricanes etc will NOT be covered by Aardvark joinery as the guarantee only covers the building construction and manufacture and only covers faults due to a manufacturing fault and or assembly fault IF performed by our assembly team. Wood is a natural product and will react to changes in temperature, when using heaters in buildings this will cause boards to expand and contract. Therefore over time within the roof especially this will cause the roof felt to stretch and in some circumstances can incur small leaks if this happens you will need to check for loose nails and clear silicon applied.

All Mercia log cabins come with tongue and groove walls, floor and roof as standard which makes the building secure as well as the interlocking walls giving it that extra protection and keeping the log cabin look throughout. Mercia models are all put together using Baltic Pine a Budget alternative to Spruce, the soft timber is easy to work with and is just as strong as spruce making for a sturdy build and a high quality product. Pine provides a good strength, Pine is an all natural product and you should expect knots within the wood as these are naturally forming and are unavoidable in manufacture. Pine is used within the Mercia buildings as a lower cost yet still strong and durable alternative to spruce allowing us to provide a good quality product at a good price. While Mercia do pressure treat our timber frames the floor, roof and walls are all untreated and with wood being a natural product it will want to draw in moisture from the environment so all Mercia buildings will need to be treated as soon as the building has been assembled with a good quality oil, solvent or wax based quality wood preserver, especially if the building is going to be installed in an open environment  where it is more exposed to the elements. 

Mercia, Log cabins, Cabin, Hut, Garden room, Summer Room, Aardvark joinery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, Local, Double glazed, Single glazed, pine, spruce, metro, small, medium, large, garden shed uk, GSUK, Shaws for sheds, Shaws 4 sheds, ludgarde, lacita, log lap, shiplap, overlap, home office, home office elite

All Mercia Cabins come with all the wood, screws, windows doors, instructions etc everything need for assembly this means you will require nothing further for assembly. Mercia Buildings should all take people a day to install using the instructions provided, however if you do not feel confident in installing Mercia do offer an assembly service provided by there experienced joiners. The assembly service is limited to certain areas so please contact us with your postcode to find out if you qualify and for a quote. If Mercia are assembling the building this will be done within the day.



Before assembly the most important aspect is the base, we recommend for all Mercia buildings that a concrete solid, flat and level pad is used which is a minimum of 20CM bigger than the Floor measurement of the building and a minimum of 4" of concrete thick this will provide the perfect surface to give maximum structural stability and will comply with the terms and conditions. There are many other options available for bases however a concrete pad is the best and most stable option and providing it is solid flat and level will give your building longevity. If you choose for the Mercia team to assemble the structure they will require the base to be completed before the assembly date and the area to be free and clear of obstruction. Mercia WILL NOT install any structure directly onto unprepared ground such as grass or soil these buildings can weigh in excess of 3 tonne and if not solid or flat can result in movement within the structure and cause warping, gaps etc. If you have any questions regarding the base  or need any advice please feel free to contact our sales office where one of our team will be more than happy to provide you with the information you require. As per instructions a water proof layer will also need to be put down or to be laid before the concrete is poured to prevent any water being drawn through he concrete and then into the wood.

Mercia, Log cabins, Cabin, Hut, Garden room, Summer Room, Aardvark joinery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, Local, Double glazed, Single glazed, pine, spruce, metro, small, medium, large, garden shed uk, GSUK, Shaws for sheds, Shaws 4 sheds, ludgarde, lacita, log lap, shiplap, overlap, home office, home office elite

Delivery times will vary depending on season. Average wait times are 4 - 6 Weeks for FLAT PACK ORDERS ONLY and 6 - 12 Weeks for ASSEMBLY ORDERS during off peak seasons. During Peak seasons this can be longer the best thing is to give us a call and speak to our friendly sales staff who will be able to give you the exact up to date timescales. Flat pack deliveries are CURB SIDE or FRONT OF PROPERTY and will be undertaken by one member of staff, Mercia WILL require at least one able bodied person to help there delivery person unload on the day.

Delivery charges will vary depending on zone, at checkout you will be given the option to pick your zone if you are unsure of the zone please call the sales office with your postcode and we can provide you with the cost for your area. There are some areas that are not in our delivery area please find the table below ;-

Mercia, Log cabins, Cabin, Hut, Garden room, Summer Room, Aardvark joinery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, Local, Double glazed, Single glazed, pine, spruce, metro, small, medium, large, garden shed uk, GSUK, Shaws for sheds, Shaws 4 sheds, ludgarde, lacita, log lap, shiplap, overlap, home office, home office elite


We accept payment via pay-pal, bank transfer, cash or card, to make payment via card please call the branch on 01226824508 and one of our sales team will be happy to assist you. There are a few options for payment terms we accept either full payment or a minimum of 50% deposit with full payment to be made the day before delivery however if paying by pay-pal we would require full payment on ordering, we will accept cash on delivery but this would need to be made before our team unload.


Aardvark joinery has had a huge push for expansion over the past 2 years working with some of the biggest companies in the UK such as Shaws for sheds, Garden Shed UK, Lidget Compton garages, Hanson garages and much more. As well as these partnerships we also have our UK and European Factories and this has shown in our Barnsley show site, we now have over 30 buildings on display ranging from Log cabins and BBQ huts to Garden sheds and garages. Our huge range of buildings allows us to display our work and show people what we can do. While we cannot put all our buildings on display we feel we have picked the best variety that will accurately display our work. We have a variety of materials, wood thicknesses, designs, window and door variety's and more. If you would like to visit our site find our contact details below we are open 7 days a week and our friendly sales staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Aardvark joinery
Wakefield Road
South Yorkshire
S71 1PA
TEL :- 01226 824 508

MON : 08:00 - 17:00
TUE : 08:00 - 17:00
WED : 08:00 - 17:00
THU : 08:00 - 17:00
FRI : 08:00 - 17:00
SAT : 08:00 - 17:00
SUN : 10:00 - 16:00

ü  All Building walls floor and roof come UNTREATED
, treatment (a quality wood preserver) must be added by yourself immediately after installation.

ü  Floor foundation frame WILL BE treated as standard (JUST THE FRAME NOT THE FLOOR BOARDS).
ü  The building will come flat pack, the majority of the buildings will come in, individual pieces and NOT in panels like a shed. 
ü  Assembly times will range from building to building BUT we do aim to complete the install within the day.
ü  All Bases MUST BE PERFECTLY FLAT AND LEVEL, a concrete base is advised. We may request an image of the base before delivery to avoid any surprises.
ü  All bases MUST HAVE A MINIMUM of 30CM added to each side to allow for roof overhang and provide stability to the building.
ü  Access to the prepared area and delivery area MUST BE free of obstruction for health and safety purposes. 
ü  The area where you wish the building to sit MUST BE free of obstruction for health and safety purposes
ü  For delivery we MUST BE able to get a long wheel base flat bed van as close to the initial delivery area as possible.
ü  Delivery CANNOT be made through a property due to insurance purposes.
ü  Delivery teams WILL NOT be able to make delivery OVER any obstacles such as out buildings or fences.
ü  Full payment MUST BE completed the day before delivery.
ü  Delivery flat pack will be CURB SIDE or FRONT OF PROPERTY only and will be undertaken by a one man team.
ü  For flat pack deliveries WE WILL Require at least 1 able bodied person to help unload the building.
ü  Our delivery and assembly teams reserve the right to abandon delivery should they deem it to be unsafe to do so. Any abandoned  deliveries will be charged a fee for having to make a second delivery attempt.

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