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Welcome Aardvark Garden Buildings a trading name of Aardvark Joinery Ltd . Aardvark Garden Rooms Barnsley is a show site made up of several garden buildings manufactures to bring you the best value buildings for the best prices. Consisting of several factories we can offer a wide range of different quality buildings at different prices to offer the best suited building to fit the budget
When ordering please be aware;
ALL buildings need a base made of  FLAT AND LEVEL concrete/ concrete flags OR Solid wood (Decking) base and accept that if you choose to use any other material or if the base is not flat and level that the show site or the manufacturer of your specific building are not liable for any movement within the building structure if deemed to be as a direct result of the base not being suitable. Assembly can be refused if the base is not deemed satisfactory. All bases must be between 4" to 6" bigger than the building all the way around for stability and to avoid any overhang of the building if the base is slightly out of square. The base can be the exact size as long as it is exactly square corner to corner. If a customer still goes ahead with assembly on an unlevel base the building will carry no warranty where supplied by the manufacturer

You are aware and have been advised that there should be a 30cm allowance on top of overall building measurements given including roof overhang and to enable you to keep up to the regular treatments as advised at least once every 12months. You understand that if you choose not to allow for this that any issues with the building as a direct result of this will not be the responsibility of ourselves or the manufacturer of your specific building and will result in the Guarantee being null and void. You have been made aware that the buildings DO NOT come treated and that it is your responsibility to treat the buildings as it is assembled to comply with the guarantee guidelines
All Tanalised buildings come with tongue and groove walls, floor and roof, while this can help delay water ingress it cannot stop it 100% on its own. The building will need to be sealed with a HIGH-quality water repellent on all parts of the external structure in the groove’s edgings everywhere. Regarding the windows you will need to either add a thick layer of protection around the whole window or for added protection add silicone sealant around the unit this will help delay water ingress. For treatment of the Doors please be aware you will need to add a high quality water repellent to the internal and external sections of the doors as this should help towards reducing the expansion of the units, failure to do this can lead to high expansion and problems closing the doors if steps have not been taken to reduce the expansion risk the doors WILL NOT be covered under our guarantee where applicable. Please read our full terms and conditions prior to purchase as it states we cannot cover against water ingress under extreme weather conditions such as government warned storms, hurricanes and other acts of god. Wood is a natural product and will try to absorb moisture so anything you can do to help prevent this after assembly will help as there is only so much we can do at manufacture stage. Regular treatment of the wood is a must to prevent this is even the highest-grade treatments will wear off over time. In Hot dry conditions timber will naturally dry out and twist or move out of shape, this is natural and cannot be stopped, all doors come with turn buttons at the top and bottom, these should both be used at any point the door is closed, this is to pull the door in and stop it kicking out, doors kicking out is not a defect, this is a natural part of any timber door, if properly oiled and protected on both side combined with using both thumb turns this will keep the doors closed tight. In hot weather door can twist out as humidity drops but then return to normal once humidity rise. A quality oil will stop the wood drying out for longer life span.

Regarding roofing material this can only protect so much just as with sheds and other garden buildings Felt and felt shingles may not withstand EXTREME weather conditions so may need replacing over time unfortunately, we do not cover under ADVERSE weather conditions as described above so any damage done under government warned storms, Extreme winds, hurricanes etc will NOT be covered by the manufacturer as the guarantee

Wood is a natural product and will react to changes in temperature, natural shakes in timber and cracks from drying out can happen, these should be filled with a wood filler and painted over. when using heaters in buildings this will cause boards to expand and contract more than usual, therefore over time within the roof especially this will cause the roof felt to stretch and, in some circumstances, can incur small leaks. If this happens you will need to check for loose nails and clear silicon applied. For the interior you should only use Outdoor building approved paints DO NOT apply gloss to any part of the building, Gloss will prevent the wood from taking its natural course of drying out and cause greater occurrences of natural defects ie, shakes, spilts, cracks and of expansion that can lead to bowing of the wood in areas. Only use Paint or treatments that can let the wood breath when attending to the interior (with the exception of the doors as these should be sealed inside and out). Boards are designed to lock together with a tongue and a groove, this is so boards can freely shrink and expand without coming apart, during dry spells or extreme heat boards can dry out and shrink opening up, if a quality oil based protection is used this will slow the process down, when humidity rises again boards will expand and close back up. Boards opening are not covered under due to this being a natural element of a timber building, if protected properly this will stay to a minimum.

General care – all Tanalised buildings are sold with an anti-rot guarantee, however fair and reasonable care must be given in maintaining your building. We use high-grade Redwood from Sweden to clad our buildings, shrinkage, cracks, splits and failing knots are all natural occurrences, with no liability accepted where this occurs, however, a high-performance oil-based treatment can help to stop this process. ALL buildings must be re-treated once they have dried out, we do not offer dry-out timescales as each building and location varies. We recommend the use of a high-quality oil based or solvent based treatment. If water penetration starts to occur, your building is now ready for another coat of treatment. We do not recommend the use of water-based treatments. No liability will be accepted if the incorrect type of treatment is applied to your building. We also recommend that you regularly oil the ironmongery i.e. door and windows hinges/handles. Timber being a natural product may warp, we supply 2 turn buttons to secure the door, these must be used when not in operation to help stop doors warping in climate changes.
Access – fair and reasonable access must be given on the day of installation. Please bear in mind that all sizes are external but do not include the roof/overhang, please allow at least 3-4″ all the way around the building for the overhang, Royal buildings carry a minimum of 600mm frontal overhang. Please check for any restrictions or obstacles that will prevent access, including height and width. Certain size buildings will not fit through a standard house door, through a ginnel or under an arched gate for example. We can manufacture buildings in modular form for tight access at an additional fee of 20% of the overall cost of the building. We do NOT under any circumstances carry buildings over roofs, carports, outdoor buildings, fences, walls or over long distances, due to insurance purposes. It is your responsibility to inform us upon ordering of any issues regarding access to your garden. It is at the discretion of our experienced fitting team to abort the delivery, if they deem access to be unsuitable or too dangerous, to allow installation of the building. A recall fee of 15% of the full invoice total will be payable if access to install the building is not suitable. The building will be left with you and the total balance must be paid to the fitting team.
Base – it is essential that your base is correctly prepared and is solid, flat and level, allowing enough space around the building for installation and maintenance. Bases that are not level can affect the opening of doors/windows or cause the building to twist. All sheds erected upon customers own bases that are NOT level will render the guarantee void and no liability will be accepted for buildings erected upon customers bases under their instruction. It is at the discretion of our experienced fitting team to determine whether or not the base is suitable. A recall fee of 15% of the full invoice total will be payable if your base is not suitable. The building will be left with you and the total balance must be paid to the fitting team. all buildings have timber runners under the floor boards, this is to create an air space under the floor boards, the outside area around the base should not be lifted higher than the base, this will cause water to trap on the base and rot the floor over time. Base should never be made lower than the main ground level, this will also trap water and rot the floor
Painting buildings/ furniture – Timber is a natural product that will dry out and shrink in the heat, or absorb moisture and expand in the colder moths, to slow this process down,  buildings must be painted and protected once assembled straight away and annually, shrinkage or expansion is not a fault with the product. Where you select pre paint by ourselves, we take great care when painting your building to achieve the best results and finish. Please be aware that knots can show through the paint, particularly with lighter colours. This is a natural process and cannot be avoided.
The timber can be liable to expanding and contracting in certain weather conditions, this is also a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided, take the oppurtunity in the event to paint any exposed areas that are showing bare wood if any.Timber is a natural product and slowly weathers and naturally twists, shrinks and cracks, ALL timber products must be painted/ oiled 
Moisture and damp in garden sheds
Garden sheds can suffer from moisture and damp issues at certain times of the year. Wooden sheds are even more prone to these problems, as timber is a perishable material. Winter and Spring are the main times when there may a high level of moisture in the air. This is caused by wet weather and damp conditions. Sudden cold snaps changing temperatures overnight can causes jumps in moisture
Effects of moisture are…
  • Premature rot if building is not treated
  • Mould on interior panels and roof
  • Warping and sagging of timber
How to prevent damp issues
Not only can sheds suffer from ground moisture, but also from moisture in the air. This issue is particularly prevalent in Winter. Moisture, caused by damp, wet conditions can get trapped inside sheds, especially if they are not used often. If the outside temperature drops, any moisture inside the shed will cause condensation on the inside of the shed panels, roof, floor and possibly other items stored in the shed. This condensation will cause mould and mildew to form very quickly.

To combat this issue, it is advised to allow the shed to vent as often as possible throughout the winter. This will enable fresh air to circulate around the building and stop moisture from building up.  To do this, you can open the windows if you have them or leave the door open from time to time. It is also a good idea to not store wet or damp items in the shed, like garden tools or bikes etc… Try to dry them off before returning them to the shed. If you do get mould forming, it is advisable to remove it as quickly as possible with an anti-mould cleaner, before it penetrates and permanently damage the timber. Mould in a building is not a fault with the building, it is a natural occurrence that forms when buildings are not correctly ventilated, with correct ventilation and drying out of a building the mould will dry up and disappear.

You are aware that access for a Long wheelbase Flatbed truck is needed, and the delivery area is to be free of obstruction, If Delivery only (Flat pack) then the building will be left kerbside, in a driveway or front of property ONLY, delivery will be made by a one man team and WILL REQUIRE at least one person to help unload. If assembly has been chosen, we are aware we will need to allow for a two-man team to access the area where the building will be assembled. We accept that if the area is not clear or that the assembly site is not easily accessible that delivery can be abandoned or refused (Delivery and installation costs are NONE RE-FUNDABLE) and that one of three things will happen ;- 1.) The building will be left in a suitable easily accessible area and assembly will be carried out at a time when the area is safe and accessible, and a return charge will be applied (Deliveries within 50miles only).

2.) The building will be brought back, and Delivery will be charged for the return trip along with a charge for the delivery team to make a second attempt at delivery and assembly once the area is clear and safe. (Delivery Charges are NONE REFUNDABLE)

3.) The building will be left in a suitable easily accessible area and assembly will need to be carried out by the customer, all instructions will be left with the customer.

You are aware that the team WILL NOT deliver any product if the product must be delivered over any form of out building or any other building structures, the team WILL NOT deliver items through houses due to health and safety and insurance purposes. Due to the weight and length of some of the wood pieces there needs to be adequate space for them to manoeuvre these to the assembly area. IF THE AREA IS DEEMED TO BE UNSAFE DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY CAN BE ABANDONED SHOULD THE TEAM NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE OR SAFE DOING SO. We Accept that if we have opted for delivery only that the wood will be kept covered and in a sheltered place before assembly and we have been advised to assemble as soon as possible after the item has been delivered (Wood is a natural product and will absorb moisture from the air and assembly is advised straightway). I Accept that All buildings when installed correctly will protect the building from rain and water ingress when also treated properly,

I understand that under the guarantee guidelines that buildings and roof coverings will not be covered under acts of nature including but not limited to earth movement IE Earthquakes, Storms (including but not limited to government warned storms or floods), Hurricanes etc.

To conform to the guarantee guidelines all branches, bushes and other obstacles must be moved away from direct contact to the building to avoid any leaf or tree sap getting onto the building and corroding the wood.

When assembled it is advisable to maintain regular airing out of the building via open windows or doors when possible to avoid the build up of condensation, alternatively using a small heater or de-humidifier will be adequate to prevent this. These buildings are airtight and with fluctuations in temperature will naturally develop condensation this is not uncommon with any building that is left locked up for long periods of time. Condensation may cause mould, so it is advisable to keep the building aired out and dry.

All Sheds and timber structures are intended for use as storage or summerhouse, buildings are not deemed to be used as sleeping accommodation. If a building such as a camping pod or large log cabin is going to used as sleeping accommodation the customer must acquire the correct planning permission before assembly and the correct change of use and complying themselves with the changes they have been granted. Any building that is within 1m of the boundary must be below 2.5m tall and no more than 15m square internally to comply, and over 1m from the boundary and between 15 and 30 square meter's internally will not need building regulations. Please see planning portal for a more in depth explanation and if you are planning on using the building for purposes of sleeping or living please seek correct permissions prior to ordering.

You understand all Buildings are the property of Aardvark joinery until such time as full payment has been made either via Cash, Card or bank transfer. Aardvark joinery reserves the right at any time to remove goods from site should payment not be received after all four forms of contact have been attempted by a member of the Aardvark joinery team, Call, Text, Email and post. FULL PAYMENT IS TO BE MADE THE DAY BEFORE DELIVERY AT THE LATEST, IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED THEN THE DELIVERY DATE WILL BE POSPONED UNTIL FULL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE.

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